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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  August 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> i am john roberts in for chris wallace. mitt romney selects paul ryan and shapes up the race for the white house. >> i can tell you who will be the next vice-president of the united states. >> how will the romney-ryan ticket be perceived. last former presidential candidate on "fox news sunday".
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both sides are filling the air waves with negative ads. we'll ask the sunday panel if they are going too far on "fox news sunday". hello, again from fox news in washington. governor rom romm and paul ryan are campaigning in north carolina and wisconsin today. we'll talk about the gop ticket with our guests and first the latestt from james rosen who is in moorsville, north carolina for us today. james? >> john, good to be with you. by one measure the selection of congressman ryan is a success. romney campaign took in four million in the first 7 hours after the big roll out. aids to governor ryan hoped that the addition of ryan
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young and cath lickk would change the polls. the latest fox news polls released on thursday night showed president obama opening up a nine-point league. one marketed change in manassus. there governor mitt romney didn't say it was just a revverundum on the presidency. but the language. contest that obama and biden campaign employed. >> they will have a choice. it is executed over the lastt 3and half yearrs and as it worked middle income families are squeezed and we have a different plan. >> hope and change is now attack and blame. >> you know what? we are not going to fall for it >> now our setting today is
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the nascar technical institute. republicans have high hopes for the state of north carolina because george bush captured it and 2004 and obama's was point 4 percent. and the ticket will close out in a state that has not voted republican since ronald reagan. that is ryan's home state. >> reaction from former presidential candidate senator john mccain. welcome back to "fox news sunday". good to have you with us. >> thank you, john. >> let me ask ow your thoughtots paul rhine pick? >> excellence choice and a new generation of leaddership and a man who understands the most compelling challenges this
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nation weisses are jobs and the economy. he will bring the kinds of ideas that he pursued in the house and the important position he held. in 12 years medicare will go broke. paul ryan is 42. he is 42 . he will be a long way from legibility. what has president obama's administration brought ford. obama care. there is no effort to address the loomming crisis of medicare . you will hear from the democrats we will push democrats off at the cliff. they have had no plan.
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paul ryan will bring the issue to the forefront and under a romney rin an you will see it. they haven't even passed a budget through the senate of the united states for three years . >> do you, senator fully embrace the ryan budget even the rom romm point suggests that elements are the plan but we'll come up with our own budget proposal. >> i think so, that is appropriate for the pop of the ticket. but when the democrats talk about pushing grandma over the cliff on medicare. you know that ron widen, a bipartisan senator joined with paul rhine on a volunteer program from seniors. that they could be responsible
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for their own health care. that is what we need to examine and pursue. we have to ask what is the plan the demcratts have besides negative attack ads and the obama plan didn't get a single vote. >> senator, while many republicans are very enthusiastic and estatic about the pick. it is not the best pick because there was a danger that the running mate may over shadow the candidate on the issues of the day. what do you say? >> i had that problem. >> i don't. i don't think that is the case. this is a team that understands the challenges that we face and obviously there is good chemistry between the two of them and americans recognize that running mates are important and it is the top of the
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ticket obviously that makes the voters decide on as they enter into the ballot booth. >> congressman rhine's adult life has been spent in the beltway. it is a contain. and the person he chose to run with is the ultimate insider. >> first of all. someone would have to tell me what experience president obama had in the private sector. he is abysmalry ignorant of it. >> paul ryan understands how the knowledge and process works and understanding the entire process and established relationships that will make him most effective in getting the mitt romney agenda through the congress. it will be the first 60 days
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that tomorrow that. >> this is one much your strongest points you look at governor rommny and congressman rhine. that is the leastt foreign policy experience than i can remember. >> i think mitt romney has like ronald reagan . he understands our nation's challenge special proven that. and understanding the importance of our relationship with israel that is hardly been worse and understanding of american exceptionalism. and when you look at that congressman ryan's experience in the house since 1998 where he is involved in the issues. his proposals do not prevent sequestation from taking place
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. the vice-president of the united states is wrong on every major foreign policy issue and challenge that is we faced. >> you mentioned the idea of american exceptionalism. in be you, cramm cram ryan said obama doesn't think that america is an exceptional nation . it is a shame he doesn't believe in americanalism. is it an issue of nation security. >> it is vitall. this president has not led right today. there are people massacred in the streetts of syria and damascus and dying in the thousands. has this president spoken up once in their behalf. don't you think we should help these people as they are massacred where the equipment
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and training coming in from russia and iran. this president went to when a million and half people were demonstrating and chanting obama, are you with us or with them? he refuse to speak up on their behalf. this comes back to the president not believing in exceptionalism and leading . it is erous foreign policy. >> i have a lot of questions onia but hold those a moment. there are comparison between mitt romney's pick and your pick that you went with a bold choice and one good in the short term and one in the longg term may not have been the best choice. same thing about mitt romney's choice of paul ryan. those conversations come from
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republicans. >> first of all, the selection is made as who will best hup get nominate suited for the role of vice-president of united states. >> i will still proud of my running mate and sarah and her family and the work we did. in this case, it was also a bold choice. many people thought other people considered might bring home those states into the romney column it is a bold choice as well and a good match up because of paul ryan'sable to care it through the congress of the united states . has intimate knowledge of the knowledge. we know that economy and jobs are the issues. no one knows the issues better than paul ryan. >> there are a lot of attack ads. there was an adthat came out in recent days that really
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seemed to take the idea of negative advertising to a new level. it came from the super pack that is supporting president obama. we'll play that and get your reaction to that. >> one day she became ill and i took her up to the hospital and they found cancer and it was stage four. but there nothing to do for her . she passed away in 22 days. >> there is an implication of him losing his job and bain capital and his wife dying. this is an subsubsequent investigation that his wife didn't have coverage and she lost that what do you think of that ad? >> disgraceful and you run out of adjectives and adverbs. the closest advisors to president obama are the people
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responsibility for that ad. we all know that these connections are there. but i am a little sad, john. because in 2008, this president and the people arund him promised hope and change and a new apartment in washington and now, it probably deteriorated in the most negative and unpleasant campaign that i have observed and i have been involved since 1984. it is remarkable. that the president cannot runn on the record and their strategy and they have succeeded of painting with nothing but attack ads mitt romney into something that is not acceptable. he can't run on the alternative. >> where do you draw the line
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and should the president denounce the ad. >> yes. certainly he should denounce the ad. it puts mitt romney who is decent who responsible for a man's wife's death. all of us grieve for anyone that loses a loved one and then to portray mitt romney responsible for that. that is again, it makes me sad more than angry. senator, you mentioned syria a couple of minutes ago. i would like to spend the remaining time together on that. a big conference with the secretary of state talk of plan for if assad falls and if there is chemical weapons and mass of refugees. are you concerned about the assad regime using chemical weapons . >> i am concerned about that
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and influx of jihadist and extremist and mounting refugeeses. i am concerned about the murder, torteur and rape that is a policy of brashar assad and we stand by and our secretary of state and our un repp reps say all of these word and the president nothing by the way. they say it is unacceptable . we do nothing. i heard this in the resistance say. we'll remember who helped us and who doesn't. the president obrogated. and that does not mean boots on the ground. but it does mean establishing a sanctuary where we organize and fight. more difficult it is going to be repair the country once brashar aside goes.
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he will go. it is shameful we will not help these people out as they strugggle. cyou and yourr vol leagues had anad in which you said the u.s. reluctance to intervene in syria is make longger and bloodier. and went on to say that the syrian people will see little good will. i said we should arm the rebels. are you stronger on that point? >> i always felt the same way about it, johnn it is an unfair fight. equipment is coming in. this administration based their strategy on the belief that the russians will havave a beneficial affect on assad. there are reports of hesbollah to come and slaughtter the
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syrian people. and the president is awol. it is incredible. >> and one of the quick points, senator, there is talk 22 e between the secretary of state establishing a no fly zone over syria. and would you support that and who should enforce that. >> it cries out for american leadership. i know the leaders of these countris and they seek american leaddership and that's not american bootots ground. they will agree as we did in operations in libya, it will be a different scenario if america will lead. and it is, well, i think that it is time to and not too late for america to step forward and establish the sanctuary and help arm and trainn and equip these people and the resistance and bring these massacres that are bordering
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on gennicide - genocide to a halt. >> always good to talk to you. >> thank you, john. >> we'll get the democrat reaction to congressman ryan as gop vice-president pick. we'll talk to debby wasserman shultz. ♪
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solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream
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the >> reaction from the democrats on the romney-ryan ticket we are joined by debbie wasserman shultz. >> yes. >> you came out with strong criticism of congressman ryan
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said he is a serious person but he like mitt romney have seriously flaud idea on our economy. >> as a member of the budget committee myself i had a front row seat to witness the architect of the ryan budget suggesting that we end medicare and we have had that in place 50 years and turn it in a gant that send it to the states . take 10 million students off of grant graint're grants. he embrassed a extremist promosical and not only goes to far but cuts so will stall
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our recovery. >> focus on medicare. you said end medicare as we know it. y know if medicare goes on the path it is now it will end itself. you heard that captain of being in 12 years. there needs to be changes made. and the changes that the congressman ryan in conjunction with ron widen have been making mirror very much the provisions in the affordable care act. how come you can't do it for seniors. >> senator riden voted against it. and turning medicare in a vouchher program would not be the right way to go.
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the affordable care act and the reasonn we have 12 yearrs inted of nine it add insolvencey to the medicare program. we need to shore up medicare so that my genneration and paul ryan's generation have that safety net in place and that mitt romney fully embraced by choosing paul ryan as running mate is shredding that safety net and tellingors you don't have a guarantee and we'll give you a voucher and make you pay $6300 more in premiums in order to pay for the health care and leaf you with a gap between what the vouchers and the experience company charges you. >> couple of important points. it was a voucher program in 2011. it would allow the senior citizens to stay in the system
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and it is potentially costing them $6300. but no such scoring of the new budget. you are giving old figures here. >> no, that is a proposal that ryan put on the table and they have chosen him who is the architect of that plann as a running meat. he already embraced it. and someone who represents thousands of seniors in south florida i can tell you what would happen in either proposal in ryan two or one insurance companies would cherry pick the best people and as a result folks who remain in medicare would see the costs go up. whether it is ryan one or son
6:26 pm
of ryan you will leaf the seniors in a situation there is no safety net and we will not let them fall through. mitt romney fully imbraced it. >> you said people could be excluded under the conditions. do you hold to that? >> under the ryan. he repealed the affordable care act. yes, we would return to the days they could deny people. >> the ryan plan said that senior citizens could not be excluded from medicare. >> but paul ryan's plann whether the first or second it shredds the safety net for seniors and turns medicare in a voucher program. >> but only for those who want to choose to go with a privatized citizen. >> we made a decision more than 50 years ago that families would no longer be
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bankrupt in taking care of seniors. that was what was happening before medicare was past. mitt romney and ryan would allow the seniors to go right throughh the floorr and drive up the health care cost and coast their families more money because someone will have to make sure that those seniors don't get sick and have no one to care for them and no way to pay for it. >> when it comes to the president's health care plann there are problems with that. it would increase taxes over 500 billion over the course of 10 yearrs and slow the growth of medicare. 500 billion dollars with a tax increase from the cbo because of the affordable care act. it would slow the growth by 500 billion over the same
6:28 pm
period. >> not cut benefits. >> very clear slow the growth of medicare. >> that is why pull rhine's plan that mitt romney embraced repealed the affordable care act. they do not cut. >> if i could come back to the point i was making. the slowwing of the growthh of medicare under the affordable care act would have a impact 15 percent of the hospitals and skilled nursing facilitis and home health agencies would have to with draw and mench and ship them to medicare and to nonmedicare payers. >> there is a difference between the romney-ryan aproachh and republican extremist and tea party who proposed 311 different time
6:29 pm
house of representative to repeal the affordable care act. they want to make sure they can go back to denying coverage and drop you from existing conditions and go back to the time when the doughnut hole was a thousand dollarr gap in coverage. thank to bark obama stood behind the last senior in a drug store who when five or six prescriptions they have to leave them behind because they can't afford them. this makes sure seniors can afford the prescription drugs and make sure they have wellness visit to stay healthy instead of waiting until they are sick to go to the doctor. we'll keep them healthy and paul ryan and mitt romney would lead them to have massive gaps in coverage and shred the safety net and let them fall throughh the floor.
6:30 pm
unacceptable. >> we probablyy saw the talk with john mccain. should the democrats be releasing anad that accuses the presidential candidate of being responsible for the death. >> first of all that is not a democratic adit is a priorities usa. >> you deny they are democrats. >> i have no idea the political affiliation of them. >> bill burton who worked in the white house and worked with the president obama. >> it is a super pac ad. >> what i think. adthat there is no question that the adraces facts such as that mitt romney when he was ceo of bain capital bank ruptted companis and laidd off workers and cut their benefits. there are consequences to
6:31 pm
making decisions like that. >> this idea of the time line being such that the inferance, and it does not appear to be the case. it was six years laterr. >> it is interesting that there is no indignation example and where is it on the other side. super pacings in support of the rom romm's campaign. >> they never inferred someone died. >> they inferred that bark obama is american or birth certificate legitimate. there are so many questions that question his patriotism. where is the same indignation. is fox condemning the super pac ads in support of the mitt romney in the way of this ad. bottom line mitt romney
6:32 pm
profited from bankrupting companis and cutting their benefits and firing workers and made money anyway . consequences and that impacts people's lifes . the person in that adwanted talk about the imact. >> you mentioned indignation. my colleague george stephanopolis talked to you last week about harry reid accusation of come from an anonymous source. back in april you were accused of favoritism by an anonymous source. i don't know what they are talking about. those sources make accusations on the record. there was indignation there. l where is it now about senator reid quoting a source. >>ip will gladd you brought the topic up it is an
6:33 pm
opportunity about talking about the secrecy. >> can you speak to that? >> this issue was not raised by harry reed. and there are countless journnalist and votersss and leaders who insisted that mitt romney should release more than one year of tax return. >> where is the indignation that you had in april. >> i don't know who harry reid's sources are. >> should he quote them. >> he has his own sources. bottom line i would like to know how many yearrs of tax returns did rom romm review and ask paul ryan . will he require the release. barack obama and biden released 12 years and mitt romney released one and partial one. >> john mccain released 12
6:34 pm
years. >> he didn't release his wife's tax returns. you can make the argument. >> pouses do not run for president. rom romm is the first candidate for president of the united states not to release 12 yearrs of tax returns. it is a reasonn. we have seen a glimpse of why . he has investments in the kayman island and whyy does he need a swiss bank account or investments in tax havens. romney needs to come cleann and so does paul ryan. romm rom needs to show the same number of tax returns that paul ryan showed. >> thank you for dropping by. >> coming up. our sunday group. we'll be right back on "fox news sunday", stay with us.
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viagra. talk to your doctor. c>> we took a step forward in restoring the promise of america. >> we need someone of principle and of achieve someone of integrittty. that man is standing next to me and his name is mitt romney and he will be the next president of the united states. >> that was cram cramm paul rhine following governor rom romm in a campaign stop on saturday. it is time for our sunday groupp. bill kristol from the weekly standard and joe trippi a
6:38 pm
democratic strategist and liz cheney and former senator evan bayh. joe and bill have been waxing all day yesterday. you had a chance to hear crumb crumb - wasserman shultz. what expect. >> she refused to say what their solution is. what we have got in both mitt romney and congressman ryan is understanding we are about to go off the cliff. and as hard as you pushed congressman wasserman shultz all she repeated was talking points. and in congressman ryan we a
6:39 pm
terrific pick and someone who has show courage, leadership and deal with tough issues. >> senator bayh, do you think it is a help to the campaign. instead of a revverundum, the president has an opening to turn it on the vision that mr. ryan advance mr. romney adapted. is there a sigh of relief? >> i think there is. he is a good and start guy and showed courage. but this shifts the debate from economy and jobs to reforming entitlements that people embrace in the abstract and get down to the details, people are a lot less supportive . given the choices, it is a good pick for mitt romney but doesn't change mitt romney. i continuing is uphill for him unless he has outstanding debate performance.
6:40 pm
>> does the obama campaign want to talk about anything? >> i think they want to talk about what people have want to talk . who do you trust more to reform the entitlement programs that. is the debate they would like to have. and what ryan gives them. >> you want to stay away from the third rail of entitlements and mitt romney grabbed on to it and embraced it full force; is that a program in the campaign. it is about entitlementings. >> it is what obama camp wanted. they have tried to figure out a way to get from the bain problem that romney has and connect them to the ryan budget. this guy fired people and cost your pension and what is that the guy you want to reform or
6:41 pm
change medicare? they have had trouble doing it. and mitt romney picked the architect of that . that make its easy to see what the new york times talked about . a choice between two philosophis and futures and not a referundum. >> bill, what will you say. fight it on entitlementings. >> we are going broke. if we are going broke we'll not have a healthy economy. every speech should be we are a great country and we are unfortunately going broke and president obama doesn't understand the sources was our greatness and does nothing about the fact we are going broke. that is the truth . the key for romney and the romney campaign is to understand that this is the beginning of the strategy.
6:42 pm
if he pake - makes the pick and we are happy two or three days and back to the same old romney campaign, that will not work. it is the first card where it is a campaign about the future. you have to embrace the choice. there is always a myth you could win on a referundum. voters are not stupid. they want to know about the next four years. >> the real danger, i agree with what bill is saying. if he looks like he is backing away from the romney -- ryan plan that plays in the flip flopper and other things people wondered about romney. this could be devastating. if he pulls back and doesn't embrace this and it could be a problem. >> liz is shake her head.
6:43 pm
. >> what you have got in the obama administration is policies that fail would and made the economy worse and on the issue of entitlement derlition of duty. a president who walked away from ssible solution and what this pick has done not only demonstrate the republicans are the party that are responsible about these things and will tell the american people the truth and that governor romney gets that you can't ignore this for political reasons which is what the president has done. as long as republicans point out. records of failed policiless and we have a good shot in november. >> clearly mitt romney was losing the mud slinging. >> he had a bad july. >> he had to try to change the subject. this may have been a good choice among difficult.
6:44 pm
get out the mud slinging. i agree with bill and liz on that point. but historically, talking about the particulars and not in generalities of entitlement reform is difficult politically. we have a difference between the politics and the substance . it rate cans a difficult environment. if you win ugly you have no consensous when the country needs progress. >> it is difficult but people are doing it. they are called governors and they are doing tough choices and the voters are seeing that in real time in new jersey with chris christ yein wisconsin, paul ryan's home state. and others and it is working. it is working politically. i don't agree that you can't win the political fight it is
6:45 pm
different than the traditional republican campaign and you somehow, just disqualify the democrats. that is not going to work. you can win the policy fight. the fight will be huge and brutal. i got an e-mail from tom cotton who served as an infantriov officer in iraq and afghanistan and republican nominee for congress in the fourth district of arkansas . he said one thing he learned in a near ambush turn in the fire and assault through the ambush . that was his advice to the romney campaign at 2:00 a.m. watching all . conference and i am passing it on national television. listen to tom cotton. he served with great honor in iraq and afghanistan. turn into the fight. >> good ways to defacement enemy. i would ask you, joe. you may not like the ryan plan. he has a plan. where is the senate democrats
6:46 pm
been on the economy and budget? >> they are not running. the romney-rhine -- romney-ryan is running against obama and biden. >> but the democrats have not passed a knowledge resolution in 1ub. >> it is not going to pass between now and november. what i was going to say one thing with the truth tell running into the fire and telling the truth. the carrier and the guy will not show the tax returns. we'll be straight and blunt and tell them what is going on. there is a problem with the romney message and it is romney and not paul ryan. we'll be back in a minute .
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>> that's when they found the cancer and by then it was stage four and nothing they could do for her. and she passed away in 22 days. >> what does it say about a president's character when his campaign tries to use the tragedy of a woman's death for a political gain? >> that was the back and forth over the controversial adbecause they said a cancer victim died because of what mitt romney did in bain capital. liz, you watched beby
6:51 pm
wasserman shultz. and she said that was the time of bain capital. >> i didn't catch a lot of what she said because i was laughing when she said she couldn't say the priorities usa folks were democrats. that is a credible issue. we learned in the course of the last couple of weeks you had administration officials raising money for priorities usa. and david plouffe. runs. not plouffe but burton. there is no connection between the super pac and the white house havingaced that though. the american people are not going to cast a vote basod these kines of ugly ads. it hurts the president's credibility. and in the end of the day people want to know what mitt
6:52 pm
romney will do about jobs in the economy and they have seen what president obama have done. voters would like to see us get off of the debates about the adand they do a disservice to people. >> senator bayh. is it a win with the ugly win? >> with ads like this it would be. my own view is. if we retain ourability of democrats to condemn the other side to go too far. we need to disavow ads like this and this adshould not run. >> do you think that the president should say that? >> it would be helpful. he takes the high ground and be in a stronger position when he, too, is subjected by attacks that go too far. i agree with liz. it is about creating opportunities for american people and deal with
6:53 pm
entitlement reforms and the real problem with winning ugly. you have no consensus and you alien date your opponents and no idea for a man date of your own . we need people coming together after an election and winning ugly does not help you do that. >> joe trippi, is this the new normal like you guilt someone. >> here's what is abnormally normal about this. this adnever once run as a paid ad. there was no adbuy . that is the new normal. >> everybody sees it and you don't have to pay a dime. >> you make it outlandish and you cross the lineup on purpose. why? because then everybodies about it. >> they crossed it. i have been saying this for weeks, romney campaign continues. someone on the democratic side
6:54 pm
said smoke and romney side screams fire and they pour more gasoline on the problem whether reid talking about the tax returns or something else. and they go put more on it. and the president comes out and adwould come down and bringing more attention and people watch it on youtube . that's where we are at. the way this gets covered . we are talking about the work . strategy actually works. we are all talking about it. >> negative ads if they are trotrue or not work. >> and we'll bring it back around the to chick nen the campaign. liz said the american people want more of a debate and illumination of the issues. you think it add a level of detail with paul ryan. >> it will add more detail if they run a romney-ryan type
6:55 pm
campaign and not going back to avoiding the details and wishing only if you get the people to know that the economy is not in good shape and numbers, were collapse nothing ohio and midwest. and i do think the bain capital attacks and not releasing the tax returns were working. >> if it stays at the level of tactics and the level of the knife fight, i think the democrats win. they are better at it honestly . romney campaign needs to make it a bigger campaign. >> how far in to detail. i love to hear the detail. i am a detail guy but not policy wonk. >> part of the paul ryan
6:56 pm
appeal, he is one of the best people on the republican side that takes complicated issues and puts a plan in place and delivered a message that the american people can hear without getting caught in the weed and why it is that we have to address the issue and why private enterprise is the answer and the obama plan will not work. you will see a tail oriented campaign and one that has a good couple of messengers. >> it was a great discussion and thanks for doing duty all weekend long . we appreciate it and check panel plus "fox news sunday". we'll post that before noon eastern time . make sure to follow us on twitter on "fox news sunday". we'll be right back. these fellas used capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use...
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finally today, many republican insiders were >> many republican insiders were pushing hard for weeks for paul ryan to be on the ticket with mitt romney. chris wallace asked the congressman about being a candidate for vice-president. >> i can't question that because i haven't given thought. >> you are saying if i was asked i would have to consider. >> our job in congress is important. we don't like the direction that the president is taking we owe them a specific dark contrast and point they can select in november. >> congressman ryan will be part of offering that different path. chris wallace will be back for the next "fox news sunday". i


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